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  1. Linda Richards says

    Nice blog. I hope to run into you during Corks & Hops or Jamboree Days!
    Linda & Tim Richards

  2. Rachel M Sacramento says

    Hi Linda,

    I enjoyed reading about your experience living in Crestline. I have a couple of questions for you but I don’t know if you respond to emails. I will include my email and if you’re able to get back to me through email, I’d appreciate that.

    Thank you.

  3. Christopher Russell says

    Hi Linda,
    Is there an area of Crestline that you recommend for people with kids that want wooded views? I have seen a few in the Arrowhead Heights areas but was hoping for an insiders opinion. It seems homes on the north side of the lake are more crammed together and the roads seem worse for snow days. Any thoughts are appreciated as we want to buy in the area soon.

  4. Erin says

    Hi.. I’m so glad I found this on my google search. I’m trying to decide if I’m putting an offer on a home in Crestline tomorrow AM and currently live in Venice Beach. I don’t want to go as far as Big Bear Since I still have to be in LA part of the week but wanted a small community feel and the ability to walk around a lake. I’m so glad you posted these events and perspective 🙂 Thank you!

    • Maude Leigh says

      You’re welcome! I hope you find the perfect home for yourself. The area around the lake is so beautiful and quick access to the lake would be wonderful. It’s the perfect morning walk. We are especially thankful for our outdoor mountain space these days 🙂 Best of luck to you on your search!

  5. Marjorie says

    I was so happy to come across this blog post. We are buying a house in Crestline (Valley of Enchantment to be specific) and I’ve been really curious about what it will be like living there–especially trying to meet people during a pandemic! I had no idea about mail delivery–any other unique tips like that?

    • Maude Leigh says

      Hi, Marjorie! Welcome to the mountain! I can’t think of any other unique tips, but I do have a blog post about some of the fun local places to check out. http://litflower.com/things-to-do-crestline-ca/

      Things have been a little quiet during the pandemic, but don’t be discouraged. There are so many wonderful local places to check out and many of them are open and have safety measures in place to make you feel comfortable. Some local shops even deliver or have shipping options, so be sure to ask. Hopefully, next year will be back to normal. When that happens, be sure to check out the weekly farmers market/concert and the monthly Corks’n’Hops event that both happen during the warm weather months. Both events are fun for adults, with beer and wine, but also are really great for families and kids. They are both really great ways to meet people in the community.

      Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any more questions!

  6. Robbert Curtius says

    Hello Linda:

    I had an existential crisis last year and left a good job that I had in both Cali and from 2014 to 2019 in Georgia. The comfortable rug was pulled out from under me and I pulled it. I had job prospects here with interviews in place and then Covid hit, those positions actually evaporated. I decided to take early retirement and now, on a fixed income, am looking for a place for my wife and I to retire while I make some money as a writer and podcaster. Because our budget is so low we have been looking in Crestline, Arrowhead and Big Bear but low end cost homes are far and few. Everyone tells me that Crestline has a high crime rate although compared to cities like Brea, Anaheim, and such it does not but those stories of druggies and getting your home or car broken into persist. Maybe I am paranoid but what are your thoughts? You do beautifully paint a nice picture. Need help from an honest person. Thanks in advance. OH< and we will be looking at a property today not far from that market you go to and another farther away at Cederpark- (more remote).

    • Maude says

      I wish I had seen this post earlier and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I am sorry for the troubles you’ve had due to the pandemic. I am very interested in your career in as a writer and podcaster. I am an aspiring podcaster – I just need to work up the courage! As far as Crestline goes – my husband and I are raising two children in Crestline/Cedarpines Park and we have always felt that it is an excellent place for us. I have heard from some that they are worried about Crestline’s reputation for drugs and crime, but, in five years, we have never had any negative experiences. Our experience has been the opposite. Since we moved to the mountain, the sense of community here seems to be growing and there are more and more community events. They have been put on hold because of the pandemic, but I am confident they will return and the town will continue to bloom and thrive.

  7. Elizabeth Caffee says

    Hello! Enjoyed reading your blog. My husband and I along with our 2 four legged kids are thinking of buying a cabin in Crestline. It is a big decision and are weighing out the pros and cons. The biggest worry are the fires and living in an area that is a high risk for fires. Can you tell us a little about that concern?

    • Maude says

      It is a concern when the winds pick up. That doesn’t happen all the time, though. Southern California Edison has been doing LOTS of work on the mountain over the last two years, making sure the electrical equipment is all in good shape and the trees are cleared away from wires. Our winters have been VERY wet these last couple of years which is a huge help. There are some alert systems available for phones that will alert you if there is a fire anywhere near you, so I always feel informed about what is going on in our mountain area. Fires are definitely a concern, but, then again, most of California is fire territory these days and bigger towns and cities have been catching on fire too. Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for stopping by!

  8. Julie says

    Thanks! I am considering purchasing a second home for an investment property in this area! Your blog is very encouraging.

  9. Kelley Tramper says

    Thanks for sharing
    We are making a trip to explore Crestline this weekend. An affordable mountain home seems perfect for our family. It was discouraging reading other opinions, so it was very refreshing reading your blog.

  10. Pamela says

    Hi there,

    Do you still live in Crestline? Do you still love it? Thinking of moving there from Hollywood, I’m an artist and actor…love to hear your thoughts in 2022..


    • Maude says

      I am currently living in northern California, but many of my friends are still living on the mountain. As we were leaving, the popularity of Crestline went through the roof! There are a lot of former city dwellers who have moved to the mountain. As a result, there are new things to do and many people to meet. Look on the Crestline Chamber of Commerce website for events. I suggest heading up the mountain for Corks n Hops and Jamboree Days. Those events will give you a great feel for the town. I miss it!

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