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  1. Machell Duke says

    Love your article on the Madonna Inn Goblets. I grew up in Riverside CA and years ago my husband and I decided to try and stay in as many rooms as we could at the Madonna Inn. I don’t remember exactly how many we ended up staying in but I remember about five different rooms. Anyway I wish I had know about the goblet then. I love dishes for some reason and would have collected the goblet
    Thank you again for a lovely story.

    • Maude Leigh says

      That’s so cool! I still haven’t had an opportunity to stay the night. There are so many rooms I want to experience that I’m sure we will have to spend a few nights there before I am satisfied 🙂

  2. Morghaná Lumaria Paendragon says

    Nikki, I came across you lovely article after purchasing a goblet the owner told me was a Madonna Inn goblet, however it doesn’t look like a Rose on it at all, it does have the leaves on the bottom. She said she thought it was the ‘Holly’ design. Do you know if there was any other design besides the rose? Thank you.

    • Maude Leigh says

      I’m sorry I missed your comment until now! Are you talking about the “flat rose” design I discussed in my post? I can see how some might think it looks like holly instead of a rose. The seam goes right down the middle of the rose.

    • Carole says

      I, also, have two of the Holly design goblet (red and dark blue). I will now look at the design again to see if it is actually the Flat Rose design. I live near the Madonna Inn so I always thought they just put them out at Christmas time.

  3. Jennifer hawkins says

    My grandma (RIP) stole a goblet from the Madonna inn when she was 8 because of how beautiful they were to her. When I was 8 she took me there and I stole one….(she paid for it in the gift shop before we left…but still.) It’s been 21 years since my grandma and I were there and I recently told my friend the story and him, myself, and. My 8 year old daughter stayed at the Madonna inn and we talked her into stealing a cup….that we paid for in the gift shop before leaving. Today, I have 9 Madonna inn goblets….. my grandmother’s, mine, and my daughter’s, and 6 that I have found in thrift shops over the years. It is fun reading and reminicing about random things that mean a lot to me and my family. Thank you

    • Maude Leigh says

      Thank you for sharing your story! The Madonna Inn definitely seems to be a place that generations bond over. What color goblet did your eight-year-old-self fall in love with?


    I did find some in Goodwill and I was searching more information about these beautiful goblets! Thank you so much!

  5. Amy Y says

    Do you know if they sold bowls or compotes? I found a pink footed bowl and a compote that are an exact match for this pattern.

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