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  1. Cardo says

    Thank you for your tips. I didn’t have one as a kid (but I saw them -or just one?- in some houses and i love them. Now I bought one and it needs some cleaning and your information is very helpful. I hope you’re enjoying your lamp 🙂

    • Maude Leigh says

      I am so happy I was able to help you out! I get so excited whenever I hear about one of these lamps being restored. I’d love to see pictures when you are finished. Our rain lamp is working great and, of course, I love it!

  2. stacy says

    My grandmother has the three goddesses rain lmap in working /good condition. We are looking to sell it. How do you suggest I do that.

    • Maude Leigh says

      Hi Stacy! I’ve noticed that the best prices have been received on eBay and Etsy. eBay tends to be the easiest to sell one piece at a time (as opposed to setting up an entire Etsy store to sell one item) so that might be a good option for you. I also see people selling rain lamps on Craigslist, though, because of the decrease in the audience size you will probably get less money for it. The upside of selling on Craigslist is that you won’t have to worry about shipping the item as you would if you were to sell on eBay or Etsy.

    • Maude Leigh says

      Your best bet is to search on Etsy or eBay. Every one in a while I see them pop up on Craigslist. I found mine in a thrift store but I had to wait years before I found one!

  3. Tammy Roberts says

    Trying to get the top off my rain lamp to clean it, it wont budge any suggestions?? Its an old one from the seventies.

  4. Richard Phillips says

    Hi,I I was given when that was stored away for last 10 years I didn’t absolutely terrible shape as first when it was given to me I thought it was a broken down Birdcage this one some of the strings were broken so once I knew what it was and did some research it all came back to me,my grandparents had one when I was a a little boy and was simply Amazed by them, so I’ve completely restored this one including 40lb fishing wire, luckily the pump is in fine shape I had to do some rewiring for the light, which I’m going to use a dark green 40w bulb for a nice glow, the figurine in this particular one is a water wheel house, and still had all the foilage with it,an absolute beautiful treasure from the past and brought back life! Rick

  5. Richard Phillips says

    Hi,I was recently given one that was stored away for last 10 years,it was in absolutely terrible shape,at first I thought it was a broken down Birdcage!Some of the strings were broken and it was filthy, so once i did some research on the lamp,it all came back to me,my grandparents had one and when I was a little boy I was simply Amazed by it. So I’ve completely restored this one including 40lb fishing wire, luckily the pump is in fine shape, I had to do some rewiring for the light, which I’m going to use a dark green 40w bulb for a nice glow, the figurine in this particular one is a water wheel house, and still has all the foilage with it,an absolute beautiful treasure from the past,brought back life! Rick

  6. Darrell Johnson says

    I am looking for a genuine Johnson industries swag type rainlamp. As you will see, my name is Darrell Johnson, and I am the son of the inventor of the lamps. I built many in my dad’s factory as a kid.
    I was given the last one made a couple of years before my father passed. I had brought it to him for repair a couple of months before he passed, but my step mother stole it from me.
    I hope maybe you can help me in my quest.
    This is very personal to me. There are many Chinese and Taiwanese fakes out there, but only the real thing will do.

    Thank you,
    Darrell Johnson

    • Maude Leigh says

      I am sorry for your troubles. I wish I could direct you to one. I think your best bet is to keep your eye on Etsy and eBay. Sometimes I see rain lamps in their original boxes pop up for sale. Even though it’s along shot, I would also keep my eye on Craigslist because they sometimes show up and are cheap. Best of luck to you in your search.

    • William dudgeon says

      I have an original Johnson swag lamp that has been in my family for 48 yrs, my eldest sister bought it in1971 and I got it when she passed in 2013,it is in great shape and still works great

    • Lucy says

      I know I’m late to the party but you’re the inventors son? Darrell H Johnsons son? Would you be willing to email me? I’ve been trying to put the pieces together on the history of these rain lamps for awhile but there’s always a piece missing. If it’s something you’d rather keep private I completely understand and mean no disrespect.

  7. June bickmeyer says

    I have a lamp which needs a new pump. It is apart now as I needed to know what pump and motor I needed to make it work again. The rest of the lamp is in good shape. It belonged to my mother and father — both now deceased . I have the brochure from Johnson Industries. I am debating whether I should look for a working replacement or try to buy the pump and attempt to find someone who can put the lamp back together. No luck with finding someone with the patience to do that so far. I am an 86 year old widow so I cannot do it myself. I found Darrell Johnson’s inquiry interesting. I found one site on the computer where a company had taken over the Johnson Industries, but I cannot find it again. Not great with the computer.

    Thank you,

  8. Susie says

    Hi! I am trying to restore my Grandmother’s Johnson Industries oil lamp. Does anyone know what lightbulb to use? I am considering re-wiring in a new chain and light socket. The power supply is still working, but the chain is too tarnished to repair. My concern is knowing what watts the pump runs on. This is my first vintage repair so I am all ears for any help 😀

    • Nikki Leigh says

      Hi Susie! The Johnson Industries tag on my lamp says “Because of fire hazards, use only 60 watt bulb or less. Lamp rated 1 Amp., 120 Volt, 60 Hertz.” I don’t know what wattage the pump runs on. Perhaps someone else can chime in with that info?

      • Cindy Box Mayville says

        I believe that the wattage runs on the same wattage/voltage as any other household lamp or other item. Since your question is quite old I’m sure you’ve already figured that out by now and you’re enjoying your lamp.

  9. Erika says

    Have been looking to purchase one of these because I remember my Mom had one when I was a little girl and I loved it!!

  10. Cindy Box Mayville says

    I can hardly contain myself. I found one of these on Ebay a few months ago. Paid $200. And I drove from the Detroit metro area to South Bend, Indiana to pick it up. Wanted also to see it first before I bought it. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive each way. Bought it from the nicest young man who lives with his sweet grandma. And it was PRISTINE! OMG! I struck gold! He said he got it at a garage sale but I didn’t ask the price he paid. He had drained it & cleaned it up so there was no oil in it & it is just beautiful. It has all the original foliage & I can not see a flaw in it. No scratches or missing strings or dings or anything. He said that it worked when he bought it before he drained out all the oil & cleaned it up. I have heard several names for it. I’ve heard it called the Three Goddesses or The Three Ladies. If anyone knows which name it is, I would certainly appreciate some clarification. I spent some time visiting with these nice people. Then I carefully buckled it (in a tall narrow box for protection) in the back seat of my car & drove it home. I haven’t cranked it up yet as I am moving back home to Oklahoma City from SE Michigan at the end of June. I’m not wanting to deal with the mess of all the oil & a 1,000 trip. But I am sooooo excited to hang it in my new apartment. I am 64 & I remember these from my youth. I was always mesmerized by them & now I have one of my own! It is a TREASURE!!

    • Maude Leigh says

      It is a treasure! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I love hearing about vintage treasures being rescued and loved all over again. Best of luck with your big move!

  11. Debbie says

    I inherited a lamp from my husband’s grandmother. There is no greenery in it but there are holes where the greenery should be. Can I put any greenery in it such as silk or plastic? Not many shopping options by me so if you have a link to share I would appreciate the info.

  12. Carlos says

    Hola encontré una de estas lamparas en una tienda de segunda mano y le falta la diosa y el aceite que yeva alguien se ve k aceite o líquido yeva

  13. Kathy Kemp says

    Thank you for detailing the cleaning process! We just hung the rain lamp I inherited from my grandmother recently after she passed. I had been told for years that it didn’t work anymore, but I wanted it anyway. Lo and behold, it seems to work, but it’s out of oil! Thanks to your post, I know how to clean it before we add more oil now.

    • Maude says

      Wonderful! I hope you get it working and find a place of honor for it. They are such cool pieces to have in the home and great conversation pieces too!

  14. Scott O Swaby says

    Thank for your post. I was wondering if you might have any recommendations for where to by new hoses for a lamp. I am repairing my grandmother’s 40 year old lamp and the rubber/plastic hoses turned to dust after sitting dry for many years. I have searched online, been to the hardware store and all are way to hard. I am trying surgical tubing next to see if that might work.


    • Maude says

      I honestly do not have experience with replacement hoses. I think you are on the right track though. Surgical tubing seems like it will be a good fit. Good luck!

  15. rodger D abernathy says

    my rain lamp has no screws to disassemble what is the best way to remove both and top little brackets that hold them on.

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