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  1. Toni Figler says

    Really need help. I am planning to move to Crestline in the next few months house shopping now but having trouble with relatives telling me it is too crime filled for a single woman of 50. Help

    • Maude says

      Hi, Toni! I think there have been problems in the past with crime but we have lived here for a few years now and have not encountered any crime at all. We are raising our kids here and feel comfortable in this town. Crestline is becoming increasingly community oriented with lots of events that bring people together. It’s very easy to meet people and form a community here. We love it!

  2. fArah says

    Very helpful blog! Looking to buy my parents a home for retirement and will tel them about these charming shops to check out. Glad they will be able to find a sense of community here and there’s a lot to explore inside and right outside of town.

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